textile designs


The following gallery contains selected textile samples. They were made on the handloom, the knitting machine, in the dye bath under the heat press or by mixing different crafts

simulated tissues

The next gallery shows lancé tissues and double tissues created and simulated with the program Pointcarre.

Jaquard designs

The last gallery shows Jaquard fabrics created and simulated with the program Pointcarre.
The small collection was inspired by music styles of the last century - from the psychedelic 60s to the rave movement of the 90s. The fabrics remind of the vividness and the social music events of that time, combined with a modern view of the old times.

positive detail.jpg

made at 

kunsthochschule berlin weißensee

and ENSCI - Les Ateliers


Annegret Banse

Anne Hederer

Côme Touvay

Berlin, Germany

Paris , France

2016 - 2020