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a material research

The fish scale is a waste product of the commercial use of fish. Using it again as a surface material brings the scales back to life! During first test series, several attempts were made to get closer to the unknown, fascinating material. The result was a new skin from old material - a textile surface. 
This work is about taking the industrial technique of sequin systems from the clothing industry in low-wage countries and using it to transform a functional surface into an aesthetic one. In combination with textile and binder, the scale becomes a surface-forming module. The fish‘s protecting surface is transformed into a new beautiful relief of the tangible experience of water. 

symbol scale.png

The fish scale
Antonia Dönitz
textile- & surface design
Christian Frank Müller
Julia Wolf

kunsthochschule berlin weißensee
in the framework of ‚TEXTIL+‘
Berlin, Germany
winter 2017/18

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