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Singing Switches

sound exoskeleton

The work ‚singing switches‘ deals with controlling vocals and voice by turning switches on and off. The exosceleton is made of 3D-printed modules. Adding textile to the modules create hinges under tension. With the help of conductive PLA, the hinges become switches.


The system includes seven switches, which independently activate sections of a recording from “O mio babbino caro” out of the opera Gianni Schicchi by Giacomo Puccini, sung by Katrin Dönitz. The interactive construction performatively breaks down the recording into smaller parts, reassembles them or superimposes them. The physical installation, which sounds like a broken loop, becomes an endless piece of music made of destructive harmony.


Singing Switches

Antonia Dönitz

textile- & surface design


Prof. Mika Satomi

kunsthochschule berlin weißensee

in the framework of

Communicating Bodies

Berlin, Germany

winter 2021/2022

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