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a vision of the future home

We as humans have already often proven that we are able to manage the use of our resources sophisticated and efficiently. For example, let us have a look at a space station. Inhabitants there know exactly how much resources they have available at their disposal. They never manage to consume more than they are entitled to. On the contrary, if you look at our planet with the distance from the space, one can apply the same principle - with one exception. We all - 7.53 billion people have to share the Earth‘s limited resources. In contrast to a space station, we do not know most of these people personally and can hence not discuss the use and distribution of food etc. But the Earth is the only place we all can be. In this project, we have tried to use the abstract concept of sustainability. We scaled it down to develop an autarchic home. Our result is an off -grid house that offers comfortable livelihood which ensures that all resources (water, electricity, food etc.) required for living are generated and obtained by the user. With its scalability, modularity and light-weight structure it is easily transportable and can be built up at any place needed. The module structure offers a great variability in its combination, like side by side or above each other. The more modules are combined, the more resources can get generated and saved. Off-grid living does not necessarily mean living in the countryside. With our circmodular home it is possible to have a comfortable and sustainable life.

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water cycle

air condition



Inspiration of creating a circmodular home came from Michael Reynolds‘ Earthship constructions, autonomous houses made of recycled material. Each member of the design team had a specific task. I designed honeycomb wall 1 and 2, which are connected by the concept of energy supply. The honeycomb design comes from their quality, remain stable under the influence of acting forces. The honeycomb structure was due to their lightweight construction quality already used by architects like Richard Buckminster Fuller.

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circmodular home
textile- & surface design x product design
Johanna Ewert, Otto Lemme, Ruben Gaona, Antonia Dönitz
Prof. Christiane Sauer
Prof. Nils Krüger

M.Arch Agata Kycia
Andreas Grasmück

Natalija Miodragovic
Dr. Lorenzo Guiducci

Dr. Barbara Imhof (LIQUIFER Systems Group)
Dr. Heike Illing-Günther (stfi)
Constanze Vogt
kunsthochschule berlin weißensee
in the framework of ‚spacesuit extended‘
Berlin, Germany
winter 2018/19

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